Seller Financing – Can It Work For You


Are you thinking about selling your property TODAY?
Do you need to sell it QUICKLY? Maybe you need ALL of the money NOW, or have relocated or found another house to live.
Has your property been sitting on the market longer than you want?
Do you have interested buyers but they are not qualified for a traditional loan at the bank?
Can you NOT “wait it out” until market conditions improve for it to be easier to sell your property and get what you are looking for?
If you answered “Yes” to any of the above, then read on.

Creating a Seller Financed Mortgage Note will help you sell your property FASTER in any market…AND you can also walk away with cash in your pocket shortly after closing when you create your note correctly

What is a seller financed mortgage note?

The seller takes on the role of the lender. The seller extends credit to the buyer in order for the buyer to purchase the house.


The pool of eligible buyers who are qualified to purchase your property with a loan is considerably smaller than it was a few years ago. This is due to the collapse of bank lending from bad loans the bank made. There are now many good buyer/ borrowers out there who cannot obtain a bank loan. There is no place for them to turn. They would love to buy your property!


A Seller Financed Mortgage Note, also known as a promissory note (Note), is a written promise by the buyer of your property to pay a certain amount of money in the future – normally as a series of payments, and its’ payment in full is normally secured by property that you have sold to the buyer, (the property acts as collateral guaranteeing you will be repaid).

You can loan money to your buyer (and become a lender), when you sell your real estate. You do this with seller financing and carry back a Note. You essentially provide them some or all of the money they need to purchase your property or business – with the agreement that they would pay you back with interest. Normally the property acts as collateral on that loan.


A Note will help you sell your property FASTER in any market because:

Seller Financing is faster than a traditional loan. It can happen as quickly as 21-30 days. This solution is great for Rehabbers & Flippers.
You increase marketability of your property by at least 20-25% if you offer Owner Financing because you are able to attract an expanded and larger pool of buyers who do not qualify to the stringent traditional bank loans in today’s market; e.g. lower credit scores, good credit with past bankruptcy or foreclosure, poor credit.
You are offering a financing Solution for Properties that Banks don’t fund…these are outside the Bank-box. Some Properties (and Buyers as mentioned above) do not qualify for a traditional bank mortgage due to bank restrictions; e.g. Mobile home & land, Churches, Mobile home parks, Storage units, Gas Station and/or Convenience stores, Land notes, etc.
A benefit is receiving top value. You can get full market value for your real estate. Since you’re able to sell to someone who can’t qualify for traditional a mortgage, you can get the price you are asking for. Banks and mortgage lenders rarely lend over the appraised value of a property.
Another benefit is Cashflow, Receive a steady stream of income. This is if you don’t need/want to have all the money at once; e.g. avoid taxes.

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NSC Interview

strong>Robert Burke: Alright we are back. We’ve got another guest who’s another one of my favorites with Nationwide Secured Capital Company in California, Gene Powers are you on the line?

Gene Powers:  I’m here Robert. Good to hear you.

Burke: Well it’s always great to have you here. How is sunny California?

Powers: It’s doing well, Spring is springing in. The mild weather is wonderful this time of year.

Burke: Well that’s great. Hey you probably didn’t hear the first part of the show because you’re calling in from California and you don’t hear our show there. But we’ve basically taken the show to go over some things, a lot of questions, comments that people have written in. Some questions they’ve had. Of course, the number one question we get in regards to your company, Nationwide Secured Capital, you guys buy owner financed mortgages around the country. There are a lot of companies out there who do that. But what sets you guys apart from all the rest?