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A note buyer takes a note and converts it to cash. Most note buyers are interested in mortgages for properties. If you are currently paying a mortgage, you can sell your mortgage contract to the note buyer, and the latter gives you the remaining cash value of the contract. Your property becomes collateral in the meantime. It is also possible to sell only a partial amount of your note, if you only need that much cash.

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You can be certain that the employee contract buyer will be looking outfor the best interests of the company that writes his paycheck. A trulyprofessional note broker, on the other hand, will represent you in thetransaction, with the built-in incentive to offer you the bestcombination price and service.

The Note Buyers Checklist

That’s where we come in. We specialize in the purchase of commercial seller financed real estate notes. As much of our business is as commercial mortgage buyers, we understand the commercial side of this business. This not only means we nearly always close on a note sale we quoted (and at the quote amount unlike many note buyers in this business), but we close very quickly, getting you cash in days instead of weeks or more. Also, unlike residential payment buyers focusing on residential owner financed promissory notes and dabbling in commercial notes, we close and close quickly as we do our own property evaluation initially through the web, and lastly through an onsite visit. One other pretty unique specialty that we have is that we are interest only commercial note buyers so unlike just about every commercial note buyer out there that will not buy a real estate note that in interest only (not amortized), we can help you sell an interest only commercial note as well as an interest only residential note.

Note Buyers

Another transaction that note buyers do is buy mortgage contracts from real estate owners who have sold their property to a buyer, where the latter pays a monthly amortization for a span of 10 years or more. The property owner may find himself at a disadvantage in collecting monthly, sometimes delayed, payments. The property owner can sell the note to note buyers, so the latter can carry on the job of collecting from the property buyer. In this case, note buyers buy low and collect the same monthly amortization. So if the face value of the note is $10,000, the note buyer may just buy it at $7,000, but the total mortgage to be collected will still be $10,000. The advantage for the property owner is that he gets cash, while the note buyer will have to collect monthly payments for a few more years.


What Note Buyers Do

Professional note buyers are the eyes and ears for theprivate cashflow industry. They are either employees of larger investment houseswho buy contracts on behalf of institutional investors – insurancecompanies, pension plans, and the like – or they are independentnote brokers. In either case, it is the note buyer’s job to locate andscreen potential sellers, gather documentation, and package it for theinvestor.

If you sold a partial – a pre-determined number of monthlypayments inreturn for certain amount of money you wanted – when the investor hascollected the agreed-upon number of payments, the payments revert toyou. In many cases, a partial sale not only gives you an immediateinfusion of cash, but you can actually net a greater return on the notethan you would have without selling the payments!

Note Buyers Directory

The cash flow industry includes investors for nearly every conceivable type of contract or note. In most cases, these investors can either purchase your entire contract or just a partial interest in it to give you a specific sum of money immediately. They accomplish this by discounting the value of the money you are to receive in the future toa present value to earn a certain yield – or return on their money. To put it simply, investors make a profit by giving you fewer dollars today than you would receive by waiting for your future payment or payments. You have use of the money now; the investor does the waiting,but earns a profit when the contract or note is eventually paid in full. This is the time value of money.

If you want to be a note buyer yourself, you should invest in your education. It is like learning how to broker stocks or real estate. It is best to get tips and pointers from note buyers that do not operate in your area so they will not mind helping you, since you will not become their competition. Skills on investment strategies should be learned and you can start small to avoid too much risk. Also choose good properties to make sure you will not lose money in the end.

Pragmatically speaking, a commercial property that is generating income becomes much more attractive to potential buyers, AND to potential renters. Part of the value of these types of properties IS how they look to both buyers and renters. Appearance matters. This is NOT news…but it is frequently ignored. It does not hurt to analyze what could make any piece of real estate more viable from both a business standpoint and from the standpoint of attracting customers and buyers. While it’s challenging to try to guess what will attract customers, all businesses that succeed HAVE to figure it out or die trying. Investors, by definition expect to make money. If they want to sell a commercial property they need to make it look good so they can fulfill this worthy goal. Lastly, if you are considering converting your commercial property to sell it, go to our article on converting a commercial property to increase it’s appeal.

So if you need to sell a Church note, retail shopping center note, motel note or other type commercial note, give us a call. We’ll get you a quote usually in 1 business day and will move very quickly to get you your lump sum of cash. So don’t delay. Call Us Today.

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If you are interested in selling something other than a privatemortgage note or a lawsuit annuity settlement, chances are very goodthat there are investors that specialize in your type of contract. Forexample, our investors are actively buying:

Note Buyers Websites

Next, your contract buyer will gather the information the investorneeds to quote a price for your contract. So, to continue the exampleof a private mortgage note, he will ask you about the note’s currentprincipal balance and interest rate, the monthly payment, whether thereis a balloon payment due and when, and the number of paymentsremaining. He will ask you for a description of the underlying propertyand whether the payor has made all the required payments and paid themon time.

Sell Your Promissory Note To Buyers

If you are looking to sell a note, NoteMarketPlace provides a free marketing platform that exposes your note to thousands of note buyers.  The added liquidity gives note sellers more options and note buyers more selection to choose from.  To list your note, simply click on the ‘add listings for free’ link and you can post the note for sale.

Sell Your Note to a Note Broker

One option when selling your promissory note is to sell to a note broker. Note Broker are similar  Real Estate brokers, they arrange the sale between 2 parties. There are many note brokers online, if you want to find out more about note brokering ( is a good resource to learn about how note brokers operate.

Note Buyers Guide

To sell your contract or note, you can try to locate the investors whoare willing to buy the particular type of contract you own by yourselfand then shop among them for the lowest possible discount. Or you canuse a professional contract buyer to save yourself a lot of hassles andheadaches.

Buying and selling promissory notes secured by real estate offers many advantages. For owners of notes that require cash now, NoteMarketPlace provides a simple and easy forum for sellers to sell real estate notes completely free of charge. Browse our directory of private hard money lenders. Search available promissory notes for sale. Buyers have the advantage purchasing notes for sale often at deep discounts and creating significant returns on their investment.

Notes are usually sold at a lower value than the property’s real value, and the monthly payment for the note has a higher accumulated value. It works just like a loan, where interest is paid to the borrower.

In other words, virtually any type of cash flow you might be selling.Some note buyers focus on one type of contract, and you will find manyspecialists is mortgage notes and structured settlements . Forthemore unusual contracts, a note broker is your best bet forlocating an investor, negotiating the price, and handling allthe processingdetails.

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At some point investors will try to cut their losses. A strip mall that is nearly new is currently sitting empty and neglected near us. It’s for sale, but has generated little interest. The seller is a real estate professional. Efforts at getting this property to be fully rented and making money have been notably unsuccessful. We think it would make a great location for some type of home health agency, but have not presented this idea to the owner. Surprisingly even these more sophisticated investors will make the same mistake many homeowners make when marketing commercial property.