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We do allow you to see initial Documents that the Seller provided (if there are any). To the winning Buyer all Documents that the Seller has supplied are available in the Closing Section in your Buyer Dashboard – Under Contract List.

Also, under the Buyer’s Menu you can view Notes that match any Favorites that you have set up, view Notes you have selected for your Watch List, and see all Notes you have Under Contract or have Closed.

At first, only individual investors purchased mortgage notes. But as private mortgages increased, so did the number of investors. With real estate having a reputation as a safe investment, and mortgage notes and deeds in trust being collateralized by real estate, more and more investors realized it was a good business opportunity. So as time went on, companies formed with a focus solely on buying mortgage notes.

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Watch List: this is a list of notes that you have put in your watch list. It allows you to keep track of the notes that you are watching. On the Note Information Page you can Add a Note to your Watch List and Remove it on the same screen.

Also, if you make an offer to purchase a note, you should be prepared to close on that note. Please do not make offers or bids on notes that you are not capable of or willing to close on. If you do, you may become ineligible to use Note Trader Exchange. We take using our system very seriously and we respect all clients and do not want anyone to be hurt because people were not able to complete a transaction that they made a promise on.

Just as people turned to private mortgages for different reasons, they turned to mortgage note buyers for several reasons. Those who utilized seller-backed financing no longer had to bear the risk of the loan. Plus, those who wanted to give a relative or community member a leg up toward ownership could feel good about what they did — but still get the cash they needed.

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It’s true, interest rate changes can affect the value of your mortgage notes — but that’s along with several other factors. If a note buyer tries to pressure you into a deal you’re not comfortable with, it’s probably a sign that you should get a quote elsewhere.

Private mortgage notes filled the void left behind by the FHA. Regulations left out a significant percentage of borrowers who didn’t have the credit history necessary to qualify for loans — and it also left out properties that were not in good enough condition to qualify for FHA loans.

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Manage Favorites: this allows you to Add and Remove Search Favorites. Because of the high volume of potential Notes for sale this feature allows you to filter through the Notes and see only the ones you might be interested in.

Closing Procedures: Seller and Buyer are both notified via email upon a successful transaction. We have an exclusive 6 step process that is handled right online so you can manage it every step of the way. We have put all the pieces together so you don’t have to.

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Step #4 – Admin Send to Title/Escrow Company (if required): admin at Note Trader Exchange will go over and approve all information to submit to Title/Escrow Company to begin closing process. Both Seller and Buyer are notified via email when this step has been completed.

Note Buyers List

All purchases are handled on the Note Information page. There are appropriate buttons on this page to guide you through the process of purchasing any Note on the system. Once you have been confirmed to have ‘won’ a Note, it will be removed from Active Status and be moved to your Under Contract List. From that time on, you will be able to find it under the Buyer Dashboard – Under Contract List. You will also receive an email with all the instructions needed to proceed with due diligence and closing. The Seller and selected Title/Escrow Closing Agent will also be notified of your intentions so that all parties can coordinate the necessary steps to complete the Transaction.

We understand that most people sell their note to get access to capital. We also believe you shouldn’t have to work with a company you don’t like just to get a good price. Because of that, we’re willing to beat any written offer from a competitor.

Using Preferred Resources: to ensure a smooth flow of the volume of Notes being traded concurrently, we have partnered with multiple third party Title/Escrow Companies to oversee the closing process. We have built solid relationships with these companies and they are each capable of handling Escrow services nationwide and Assignments for the Note Sales we send them (as well as a host of other services). We have established these relationships so that the process can be quick, efficient, and most of all safe for all parties. Working with our Preferred Resources offers the greatest opportunity for success.

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When you select Buy It Now, get your Make Offer Accepted, or are the Winning Bidder, you will receive a congratulations email and that Note will be moved to your Buyer Dashboard – Under Contract List. In this List you will be asked to provide some closing information (Assignee Name, Assignee Full Address, Servicing Company), View Documents, sign the Note Purchase Agreement, sign the Escrow/Title Company agreement, and download or print available Closing Instructions. This will include contact information for the Escrow/Title Company and their wiring instructions for the earnest deposit and for completing the transaction. The Note will remain in your Under Contract List until the transaction is completed.

The entire deal is handled with professionalism and discretion. Your property owners will not be disturbed or communicated with until the sale is final, at which point the only thing that changes is where to send the check. They handle the sale over telephone, fax and email to get the sale closed efficiently to get you your money fast.

From the Active Note Listings Page (default page that you are sent to once you log into the system), you can perform a search for all the notes that are currently available for sale. The selection criteria includes: Note Type, Note Position, Property Category Type, and State. From this Search, you can then choose to pick the type of sale that you are interested in: All Listings, Bid Process, Buy Now, or Make Offer.

With these FHA loans, though, came regulations. To qualify for FHA loans, the properties had to meet certain standards, and the borrower had to have certain credentials.  A longer time to pay the loan back meant more risk, and the collateral on the loan, the property, needed to be in good enough condition that the lender could recoup its money if the borrower defaulted.

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If you place a bid on a note that is being sold with a Bidding process you will be notified if you are the winning bidder in the same manner as outlined above. If you didn’t win the bid you will be notified of that as well.