I’m too lazy to figure out how to black out my site to protest the thoroughly idiotic and destructive SOPA and PIPA bills, which would allow the government, and more importantly the corporations who really run the world like Comcast and Time Warner, to censor the Internet.

Instead, I’ll just tell you this: if you live in PA and you’re having trouble running your Mozilla-based internet and email, if you can’t get to Wikipedia, or you can’t look for a job because craigslist is down, blame Bob Casey, who continues to support this dangerous and misguided legislation, even though support for it is peeling away like skin off a rotten banana. It’s shelved in the House, opposed by the White House, and dying in the Senate.

Bob Casey’s had plenty of opportunity to drop his support. the fact that he’s pushing on into strong head winds shows either that he truly believes Comcast and the government should be able to censor the Internet, or that he doesn’t exactly understand how the Internet works.

Neither reflects well on the man. With unemployment pushing 9% in PA, and 12% in Philly, the last thing we need is the country’s biggest job site shutting down. But that’s where we are, because of Bob Casey. I’m sure the unemployed are grateful to him for standing up for the likes of Comcast.

Also worth noting: Republican Pat Toomey opposes the Protect IP Act. Just sayin’.