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I really need to start carrying around a camera. This past Thursday I had to drop off my car for repairs. My mechanic (the only place I trust in this city, Schummer’s Super Sunoco) is located in the Mayfair neighborhood of northeast Philly, a good 30 minute drive from my place. There’s a bus that […]

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Someday I’ll Get Paid for This

Well, the peppers are pickled, the records and books and games are put away, and the stereo’s been stored too. I’ve got a few bikes to move down to the basement (although I might just sell the little Raleigh that Sam’s outgrown). After that, I’m headed out to use the flipcam that woodshop loaned me, […]

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Big Days

I’ve been going nutso trying to get my house finished up. Over the summer, as I think I mentioned, we repaired the porch roof frame, re-roofed, and painted the entire exterior. Now we have moved to the floors. (Sorry, no pictures for now, as I don’t have a digital camera). I have exposed yellow pine […]

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