Allyson Schwartz Should Shut Her Piehole about Wiener’s Wiener

Oh look, here’s pennsylvania’s favorite family-destroying scold, Allyson Schwartz, calling for Anthony Wiener do step down. Someone tell this loudmouthed sack of shit to shut her piehole.

Let’s get some shit straight, shall we? Anthony Wiener’s penis pictures don’t hurt me. They don’t damage my relationship with my fiancee. They don’t take money out of my pocket. They don’t bankrupt my city and schools. They don’t send my friends and neighbors off to die. Anthony Wiener and his wiener have never hurt me. EVER.

Allyson Schwartz on the other hand?

Allyson Schwartz voted for the Bankruptcy Bill of 2005, which allowed credit card companies to charge any interest rates they like, while making it much more difficult (if not totally impossible) for consumers to get bankruptcy protection from those debts, even if they’re incurred by medical expenses or other catastrophes. My rates, probably like yours, went up to 25% or more. So right there, Allyson Schwartz has hurt me much more than Anthony Winer’s dick.

Oh, but it gets better. As a direct result of the Bankruptcy Bill, the mortgage industry took a HUGE self-admitted hit, and the banks admitted it:

Washington Mutual Inc. got what it wanted in 2005: A revised bankruptcy code that no longer lets people walk away from credit card bills.

The largest U.S. savings and loan didn’t count on a housing recession. The new bankruptcy laws are helping drive foreclosures to a record as homeowners default on mortgages and struggle to pay credit card debts that might have been wiped out under the old code, said Jay Westbrook, a professor of business law at the University of Texas Law School in Austin and a former adviser to the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank.

“Be careful what you wish for,” Westbrook said. “They wanted to make sure that people kept paying their credit cards, and what they’re getting is more foreclosures.”

Washington Mutual no longer exists. Wachovia was absorbed by Wells Fargo. Anthony Weiner’s penis had nothing to do with the mortgage collapse that destroyed banks, homeowners, and retirement savings. Allyson Schwartz, on the other hand, had a LOT to do with that. And here she is, strutting around moralizing: what kind of morals do you have when your votes destroy entire sectors of the economy, and you don’t voluntarily resign?

On the other hand, when it comes to sending young kids off to war to die for no reason, Anthony and Allyson are both wieners, idiotically sending our kids to die in Iraq for Dick Cheney’s fever dreams. However, Wiener’s publicly regretted his vote: Allyson voted several times to keep our kids dying for no good reason. Her war, in which she has no personal stake to the best of my knowledge, no kids overseas in the desert, has drained our national treasury, causing deficits and enormous pain for our people. And that says nothing of all the grieving families she’s left in her wake.

My opinion is that Allyson Schwartz should, if she’s going to open her piehole at all, stuff it full of a bag of dicks.

Update: A solid majority of Weiner’s constituents think he should stay. Maybe Senator Lieberman Allyson Schwartz should stick to sniffing her own panties.